Turkish tastecard treat


Back in March (15/03/17), Tom and I finally sorted a date night so we could use my tastecard. Out of all the options available, we opted for Eastern Chillout; a Turkish restaurant in Salisbury that serves not only Turkish but Lebanese, Moroccan, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Tunisian and Persian dishes. On trusty Trip Advisor, it is ranked 4 out of 208 eateries in Salisbury and has a 4.5/5 rating.

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‘It was like a posh kebab’ – Lebanese cuisine at a bargain price

img_1975What’s better than going for dinner with the girls? Going for dinner with the girls and it only costing £8 for two courses, that’s what. Saturday night (25/02/17) was all about our bargain feasting at a restaurant in Salisbury that offers varied dishes inspired by the Arabian peninsula, the Middle East, North Africa and the Ottoman. So dishes commonly served in Morocco, Turkey and Lebanon for example. I went to Morocco nearly five years ago and one of the highlights from that holiday was eating the local dishes, such as tagine (stew). Continue reading “‘It was like a posh kebab’ – Lebanese cuisine at a bargain price”

I just can’t get you outta my head…

You know the feeling of having a song stuck on repeat playing over and over and over and over again in your head? Yeah. Well, I’ve been experiencing exactly that for the last few days. Not a song though, memories of a burger I indulged in on Saturday night instead (hence the reason for this post)! I sound bonkers I know but I literally can’t stop thinking about how seriously scrumptious it was and the above photo just does not give the beefy beauty any justice.

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Pinterest is the hub of food inspo


I probably spend about 10 hours a week just on this website alone and 99% of that time I’ll be looking at food. What a waste of time I hear you say? Never. Time is never wasted when looking at all the mouth watering, food-gasm inducing photographs and recipes (imo). I’ve tried recipes in the past after finding treats on here so I would really recommend it.  Continue reading “Pinterest is the hub of food inspo”

Carbs were in the air…

img_1804For the last five years, my boyfriend and I have celebrated Valentines by visiting our favourite Salisbury Chinese restaurant, The Jade. Sadly, it closed before Christmas so this year we had the unwanted quest of finding somewhere else to go! Continue reading “Carbs were in the air…”

Prague ‘food-back’

img_1322img_1840img_0751img_1843Over New Year, Tom and I enjoyed a 4 night city break in Prague. It was our fourth holiday of 2016 and the only one where it was just the two of us. I booked us cheap flights back in March and paid for them as his birthday present (basically an excuse for us to have another trip!). Continue reading “Prague ‘food-back’”