About Me

cropped-img_0865.jpgimg_1835A 24 year old who’s painfully passionate about food…(painful when referring to tight fitting skinny jeans)

Hello! I’m Kim, a foodie since birth who has grown up to have three main passions in life – food, travel and Lady Gaga. I live in the south of England and work as a teaching assistant in a special needs school. I enjoy nothing more than heavy eating and drinking at the weekends, (and the occasional weekday) so basically just your average 20 something.

I’ve always and I mean always, loved food. Some of my childhood memories involve what food I ate as opposed to what toys I played with or where my parents took me for a fun day out. I am forever searching for new places to be wined and dined at or new dishes to try and whilst on holiday I always aim to check out the best places! TripAdvisor is like my food and travelling bbf and my internet browser history is 99% food related. It has been a long running joke that someday I would do ‘Woman Vs Food’, the female spin off of Adam Richmans popular American television series.

Whether it’s eating food, talking about food, looking at pictures of food, discussing restaurants, browsing through menus of food or cooking/baking – my life is basically based on one thing and one thing only. I’ve become that go-to friend in a few of my friendship groups – the one who knows where is best to eat, or where would be cool to try out and therefore am hoping to share my sustenance ‘wisdom’ and enthusiasm with you.