Turkish tastecard treat


Back in March (15/03/17), Tom and I finally sorted a date night so we could use my tastecard. Out of all the options available, we opted for Eastern Chillout; a Turkish restaurant in Salisbury that serves not only Turkish but Lebanese, Moroccan, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Tunisian and Persian dishes. On trusty Trip Advisor, it is ranked 4 out of 208 eateries in Salisbury and has a 4.5/5 rating.

I can honestly say it is by far one of the most inticing menus I have ever looked at. Every starter/tapas dish and main meal sounded amazing, so we decided to try a bit of everything by induldging in the ‘Arabian Nights’ set menu and the meze set (and a bottle of lager and white wine and a few more as the evening went on, standard).

So, what did we have? Okay…first of all we were served a bowl of tomato and herb soup with warm, freshly made pitta breads to use for dipping (we had to ask for more because they were so good). It was delicious, the flavours were amazing with the concoction of spices and herbs. It was good to have a proper tomato soup that wasn’t your bog standard tinned stuff.

The meze set consisted of more pitta breads, black and green olives, grilled halloumi, homemade falafels, pastry spring rolls with feta, chorizo chunks with a few dips for dunking. My favourite was the red pepper dip, it was sweet but accompanied the tapas bits perfectly. After this, my jeggings were feeling tighter than usual and I was very impressed.

The main meals were both served with almond rice; chicken kebab and lamb mutancana (tagine with dried fruit). The meat was so tender, you could literally suck it through your teeth and the rice was divine. I am a self confessed carb addict, I could’ve eaten that rice until the cows came home.

I would 100% recommend to anyone this restaurant, the decor is so authentic and the service and food was spot on. We thoroughly enjoyed our evening there,m and we left content and a little tipsy. The tastecard made it about £35…we were really glad we visited!


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