‘It was like a posh kebab’ – Lebanese cuisine at a bargain price

img_1975What’s better than going for dinner with the girls? Going for dinner with the girls and it only costing £8 for two courses, that’s what. Saturday night (25/02/17) was all about our bargain feasting at a restaurant in Salisbury that offers varied dishes inspired by the Arabian peninsula, the Middle East, North Africa and the Ottoman. So dishes commonly served in Morocco, Turkey and Lebanon for example. I went to Morocco nearly five years ago and one of the highlights from that holiday was eating the local dishes, such as tagine (stew).

We had planned to go here after a previous dinner date, I had been before with Tom last year just after it opened and really enjoyed it (or at least I think I did  – Pinot Grigio most definitely got the better of me on that evening) but none of my three foodie friends had. I booked our table and a week or so afterwards one of the girls sent a groupon voucher deal she had seen that was available to use at Baroushka. It was a ‘two course Lebanese feast for four’ for just £32! It was an unanimous decision, obviously.

There were two choices for the starter. The first option was grilled halloumi with green harissa and rocket, which as soon as I saw it I knew that was the one for me. I have developed an unhealthy romance with the squeaky cheese, if it’s on a menu I have to have it! No questions asked. The others all went for the second option, Persian feta cheese dip with roasted peppers and tomatoes with pitta bread. I demolished my starter in about 6 mouthfuls. It was delicious. Halloumi can loose its’ squeak if over-cooked, but mine was crispy yet spongey and squeaked to perfection as I chewed and chomped.

For the main we were served two large platters for the four of us. The platters consisted of chicken, beef and vegetable skewers, spicy Turkish sausage, zucchini kofte (a tad healthy for my palate), assorted sauces, pairing salad, rice and (more) pitta breads. In an ideal world, I would’ve loved one to myself! Like previously mentioned, I have an issue with sharing food! I like to know exactly what is mine. All mine. I think platters are a great way of trying different bits on a menu, which will then encourage you to return because you have an idea of what you like and dislike. I thoroughly enjoyed it all to be honest, the meats were tender, juicy and seasoned and spiced well so that was enough to make me a happy customer.

I would recommend this restaraunt to those who like to try something a little different, as their menu is so varied and the middle eastern infusion is so distinctive. It’s definitely worth a visit if you can find a voucher that can get you a bargain like ours or they do offer very reasonably priced lunch and dinner deals as standard anyway.


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