I just can’t get you outta my head…

You know the feeling of having a song stuck on repeat playing over and over and over and over again in your head? Yeah. Well, I’ve been experiencing exactly that for the last few days. Not a song though, memories of a burger I indulged in on Saturday night instead (hence the reason for this post)! I sound bonkers I know but I literally can’t stop thinking about how seriously scrumptious it was and the above photo just does not give the beefy beauty any justice.

Saturday night (18/02/17), Tom and I went for a spontaneous dinner and drinks date with one of our favourite couples at The Craft Bar at the Salisbury Arms. I hadn’t been before but I had heard nothing but good things so was really looking forward to checking the menu out and stuffing my chubby chops. Of course the menu was right up my street! A two page spread detailing only burgers, hot dogs and carby sides? All food is cooked outside on a BBQ too. Who doesn’t love barbecued food? My Saturday night prayers had been answered.

I went for the ‘BBB Burger’ which was a beef burger with bacon, IPA onions and blue cheese sauce served in an enriched black pepper bun with lettuce, tomato (which was swiftly removed because I think tomatoes are the devils produce) and their house special sauce. For  £5 extra you could make it a ‘monster’ which meant double the pattie and double the toppings so that was a no-brainer! I have a slight obsession with making my meals bigger than what they need to be. Like, I know one burger pattie is plenty but if there is an opportunity for a second pattie I always will, it’s just who I am and what I do. Standard. To accompany my monster I had onion rings, sweet potato fries and two Long Island beach iced tea cocktails. The burgers were cooked to perfection (medium as requested), mouth wateringly good and the quality of the toppings just added to the food-gasm.After making light work of this meal, I was a very happy (and far from hungry) carb lover!

So basically anyone in Salisbury who loves a good burger I would seriously recommended making a trip to this craft bar, for a lunch time meal or a dinner date. The food and cocktails were great, the pub had a lovely atmosphere and the staff were fab too. I am definitely planning to visit again so I can try one of their premium smoked hot dogs and hand cut fries!




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