Prague ‘food-back’

img_1322img_1840img_0751img_1843Over New Year, Tom and I enjoyed a 4 night city break in Prague. It was our fourth holiday of 2016 and the only one where it was just the two of us. I booked us cheap flights back in March and paid for them as his birthday present (basically an excuse for us to have another trip!).

During our time there we indulged in Czech cuisine and it was bloody divine. In all honesty there wasn’t one meal or snack I didn’t enjoy!

Our first evening there we found a total gem – it was located less than a minutes walk from our apartment and advertised itself as a Czech family run restaurant ‘Vysoky dum 99’. We opted for the traditional Bohemian platter and beef goulash to share. The food was truly remarkable and to be honest a highlight of the trip! We had the most succulent beef stew/goulash served in a homemade bread roll and the platter consisted of roast duck, slices of roast pork, smoked ham, beer sausage, white cabbage and a selection of bread, bacon and potato dumplings. I could’ve eaten this meal every day whilst we were there, it was ridiculously good. A definite must try for all those who go to the Czech Republic.

Another favourite was a trdelink (chimney cake) which is rolled dough wrapped around a stick, grilled and topped with sugar and nuts. I had mine with Nutella and whippy ice cream topped with squirty cream and whilst eating it I literally looked like the cat that got the cream. Another must try and there are loads of opportunities because dotted all round Prague are little shops or stalls that sell them with loads of different variations.

And finally, Becherovka. Well it’s their local spirit and although it may be the reason I felt like a  zombie on New Years Day, it’s surprisingly enjoyable at the time of consumption. It has a gingery, cinnamon flavour and is made with various spices and herbs. I do regret doing three shots of the stuff (followed by a shot of absinth)  but I think it’s the norm to go over board when celebrating New Year. Isn’t it?


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