Carbs were in the air…

img_1804For the last five years, my boyfriend and I have celebrated Valentines by visiting our favourite Salisbury Chinese restaurant, The Jade. Sadly, it closed before Christmas so this year we had the unwanted quest of finding somewhere else to go! On TripAdvisor we went and we were greeted with an Indian street food place called Cafe Diwali, which was fairly new to the city…and my goodness, we were NOT disappointed. 4.9 out of 5 stars on Facebook reviews and rated #1 of 226 eateries in Salisbury, I am in nothing but agreement with those who rated it so highly.

I’ve always been rather partial to some Indian food but can be a total bore when deciding what to have, playing it safe with my usual chicken tikka masala curry. So for our romantic evening of too many calories and bursting the seams on our jeans (11/02/17), I was eager to put my fat pants on and try something new.

So what did we fill our boots with?

Well…we started off with some nibbles consisting of mini flavoured and roasted poppodoms that came accompanied with home-made pickles, chutneys and onion salad. As per usual, my boyfriend and I quickly ensured we had the same amount of everything…it’s the only way we can share fairly after nearly seven years.

Then we had our own starters (obviously, like who shares starters?). Tom had the Beef Chukka which was slow cooked beef in aromatic spices and I had the Murgh Kali Mirchi Tikka which was a chicken fillet marinated in yoghurt and peppery goodness cooked in the clay oven. My starter was bigger than his, which I was very pleased about. Both tasted absolutely delicious and we agreed we were impressed so far.

Main course. I had been brave and opted for something different for my palette – Achari Gosht which was a lamb curry in a tomato and onion based gravy infused with various seeds. Tom had gone for the hottest curry on the menu, the Chicken Kolhapuri. This dish was a chicken thigh cooked in a thick spiced sauce with ginger, garlic and warm spices. Each of our dishes were served with naan and beetroot raita. On top of this Indian banquet, we couldn’t resist but order gunpowder potatoes and a serving of pilau rice. I cannot possibly fault anything, everything was perfect. The meat was ridiculously tender, the sauces were just right and all the carbs made me feel delirious with happiness. All in all, we were two very happy customers and my food baby was the proof.

The temptation of pudding was strong, but after a whole bottle of Pinot Grigio and four pints of Estrella later, we decided to call it a night and leave whilst we could still comfortably exit without getting stuck.


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